Life In A Day - a film by National Geographic

Life In A Day – a film by National Geographic – Click for website

Oscar-winning film director Kevin partenered with Ridley Scott’s Scott Free UK and YouTube. The film is a user-generated, feature-length documentary shot on a single day—July 24, 2010


This film has been my inspiration to film over the space of one day. I wish to try and capture as many stories, landscapes and people in one day as possible. Though Life In A Day is a user generated film which gives the film a unique first person perspective, my film on the other hand will be captured through my own eyes and introspect.

One of the aspects which makes this film so visually exciting is the wide variety of landscapes captured across the globe. Within this film i will try and eminate a similar effect by trying to record as many British landscapes and scenes as possible to make it visually diverse and also create emphasise a ‘patchwork’ Britain.

To learn about the production of the film click here.

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