The Day Before Tomorrow

Holly & II have decided i would like to record my film on Wednesday 13th March, 2013. It is currently the day before filming will commence and i have mixed feelings of excitement and apprehension. Due to the nature of the film i am still completely unaware as to where i will be travelling to, who we will be meeting and generally what i will be filming. I want to keep the filmed removed from the temptation to plan as much as possible.

Accompanying me will be a fellow Social Anthropology undergraduate, Holly. This is predominantly for practical reasons as at times will be difficult for me to film when i am driving but it is also for safety as i felt it would be more more logical to travel to unknown areas with someone else rather than alone. Whilst discussing the possible logistics of the film i had mentioned perhaps trying to avoid areas which were too densely populated whilst panicking as to whether the film would be interesting enough. Holly protested this idea profusely and when asked why she responded “…because otherwise it won’t be real.” Naturally, she is right.I want to the film to show real and raw footage that relate to personhood and passage. For this to work the film therefore has to be unplanned, spontaneous and filmed on instinct.

In the morning me and Holly will be waking up at around 6am to film ourselves randomly selecting a destination in the UK. At the moment the plan is to achieve this by using a map of the UK, a blindfold and a pin, though this may change in the morning if we think this method will be problematic in any way. We will also be filming a video diary tonight to document our thoughts, feelings and hopes for the day.

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