Edit, Cut, Play!

Learning how to use Final Cut Express

Learning how to use Final Cut Express

During my journey i managed to accumulate around 3 hours worth of footage from beginning to end. Although this has given me a lot of room to play in regards of creating different film sequences, as a somewhat indecisive person this has actually ended up being more difficult for me. I seem to have acquired a film makers arrogance and begun to think that in fact all of my footage is fantastic, therefore it has been stressful cutting out sections which i was initially very fond of. After hinting that perhaps the films should be 15 minutes long rather than 10 and subsequently being denied, i have finally been able to cut down my film to around 10 minutes (perhaps a little bit over, don’t make me cut anymore!) Although it has to be said that in some respects i am glad i filmed as much as i did as there have been clips which i originally recorded just for the sake of it but have actually ended up being vital to my film due to their unintentional audio or actually looking better on the big screen. Clips which i planned carefully before hand often ended up being cut as there wasn’t a ‘realness’ to them which i really desired for my film.

The editing process has certainly been a learning curve, and i have never had more respect for film makers as i do now. Desperately trying to make the clips and audio run together seamlessly without being cut off abruptly or too much background noise, trying to select the clips where mine or Holly’s hand weren’t shaking too much, and finally grappling with the ever confusing and baffling world of technology has been a challenge every step of the way. Nonetheless, if i was offered to this project again and start from scratch i absolutely would. I would film more carefully and concisely, avoid interrupting interviews with my own voice AT ALL COSTS and finally i would not rush the editing process and give myself a good few weeks to play around with how to best send a lasting message to my audience. Bring on the next film!

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